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First, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our site. We thank you for your trust in us and your interest in our services. As an experienced, professional, reputable and discreet detective agency, we are delighted to be your contact for sensitive investigations – no matter the type, complexity or geographical location. Our detective agency has over ten years’ experience working throughout Germany, Europe and overseas, and is regarded as one of the leading agencies in the investigative sector.
We guide our clients with our expertise, personalised support, and creatively executed cases until we resolve their issue. Along with our partner solicitors, we are always available for questions and support after the case has been closed. You can reach us around the clock, 365 days per year: 0800 800 85 80


Overview of our core services


Employee monitoring

Prestigious corporate detectives investigate at a national and international level. Contact us: we’d be happy to advise you. »

Ehebruch Untreue Unterhalt

Infidelity | Adultery | Cheating

Here at Detektei Argusdetect® International our successful private detectives are at your disposal around the clock, 365 days per year. »

Detektei Auslandseinsatz

Investigations in Europe | Overseas

The Detektei Argusdetect® International has a domestic, European and international presence. Call us free of charge for a non-binding consultation 0800 800 85 80 »

Bedrohung | Erpressung

Harassment | Extortion | Stalking

Qualified expert detectives for sensitive specialist areas, such as harassment and extortion. »

Argusdetect Detektive bei Wirtschaftskriminalität

All types of white-collar crime

Detektei Argusdetect® International – proven experts across the corporate sector. We investigate throughout Europe in a discreet and professional manner. »

Sorgerecht | Kindeswohl | Unterhalt

Child welfare | Custody | Child Maintenance

Child welfare, custody and the right to determine place of residence – Detektei Argusdetect® International – your experienced partner. »

Our detective agency for private or corporate clients

➞ Non-binding consultation – 365 days per year, 24 hrs per day
➞ No costs calculated within Germany until the investigators are on location
➞ Free call 0800 800 85 80
➞ Operational worldwide – across borders

➞ Approved in accordance with section 34 of the GewO [German regulation]
➞ Private and corporate detective agency
➞ Many years of successful investigations
➞ Operational in more than 350 locations

Detektei Argusdetect® International: Key information

Please note:
The Detektei Argusdetect® International expressly draws your attention to the fact that any cities listed on our website represent operational locations without a local office or branch. Detektei Argusdetect® International has offices in Munich, Fürth and Zurich only. The detective agency has mobile, out-of-town teams operating in all other cities, regions, districts, German states, and countries. They have permanent international operations and thus cannot be found in an office. The * symbol indicates that the place in question is an operational location and does not represent an office or branch of Detektei Argusdetect® International. This symbol expressly refers to a permanent part of our website and applies to all webpages, even if not specifically mentioned. *operational location – no office at this location.

Legal information:
The Detektei Argusdetect® International is based in Germany and approved in accordance with paragraph 34a of the GewO. Costs are not calculated for cases within Germany until the investigators are on location. We expressly advise that all clients, whether they be in located in Germany or abroad, will receive support from our headquarters. All cities featured on our website are merely operational locations without an office or branch. Local offices are based in Fürth, Munich and Zurich only. This information shall apply henceforth for all webpages belonging to the Detektei Argusdetect® International Group. Any webpages and graphics belonging to Argusdetect® are subject to copyright. Any copyright breaches shall be reported under criminal law and shall be prosecuted with a warning from our solicitors.
Detective agency ….*, detective ….* in connection with “city, region, German state, district, country, etc.” refer to an operational location without a physical office or branch.

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