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The costs of an investigation depend on numerous factors, making it difficult to generalise. As our client, you can be sure that your case will be dealt with by specialised experts from a diverse range of sectors that always deliver the required expertise and experience you can expect from successful investigators. You are welcome to contact us free of charge for a personal chat to let us know of your requirements (Customer Service no. 0800 800 85 80). Based on a more accurate assessment, our detectives would be happy to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs at any time.

We do not charge

• Travel costs to the case location*
• Travel costs during the investigation
• Postage or telecommunication costs
• Costs of conventional technology
• Costs of developing photos or videos
• Processing or base fees

Detektei Argusdetect® International – fair, transparent and honest. You will be impressed!

Detektei Argusdetect® International has many years of experience working in the private and corporate sector both in Europe and globally. Our competitive prices have made us one of the leading detective agencies in Germany and further afield. We look forward to assisting you with our experience, skills and quality work. We will be happy to offer you a bespoke quote at any time. Please contact us directly here.

Transparency – a must for reputable investigative services

We greatly value transparency; it is not only in your interest, but also in ours. Try our competitors if you are looking for flat rates, dumping-price policies or even loss leaders! With us on the case, you will benefit from experience, quality service and expertise spanning several years. See for yourself – call our Customer Service team for free on 0800 800 85 80 (available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year). How may we help you?

General information:

The Detektei Argusdetect® International rejects excessive fees and dumping price policies. We often come across clients that were initially delighted by a competitor’s low hourly rate, but then suffered from unprofessional activities or ended up paying unreasonable sums far beyond what is justifiable as “small print”. We are often contacted by clients who have been “taken for a ride” and ask us to salvage the situation – to save whatever can be saved. They tell us of inadequately trained, unprofessional staff, of detective agencies working not only with subcontractors but also with students, pensioners and temporary staff who are even less qualified for the job. The Detektei Argusdetect® International is keenly aware of the thorny and obscure position that our customers find themselves in and always seeks to demonstrate that black sheep exist, but there are exceptions! Even the  BID, a professional organisation of international detectives, is convinced that a reputable investigative firm should never offer an hourly rate of less than €70 per detective.
Detektei Argusdetect® expressly warns against seemingly cheap hourly rates, which is often the only request we receive. Those hourly rates alone do not even touch upon the expenses facing detectives. Often, information found in the small print is added to invoices. This may include travel costs, base fees, telephone and writing costs, technical equipment, extra charges for special operations vehicles, or a 4-6 man team, even when 2 people would suffice. These factors result in fees that exceed regular fees as recommended by BID.
Always take heed to hire a trustworthy detective agency that will provide you with a straightforward contract including all costs, legally applicable terms and conditions and a proper quote. Only then will you be able to assess your financial commitment accurately and get a clear picture. Detektei Argusdetect® guarantees that you will not be subjected to any kind of mileage costs, base fees, costs for technical equipment or extra fees for special vehicles or travel costs to the site (within Germany).
* within Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Poland

* within Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Poland