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Detektei Argusdetect® International

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We are a prestigious corporate detective agency investigating at a national and international level. Experienced and specially trained corporate detectives take on complex and difficult cases on your behalf by providing professional undercover detective work. Get in touch with our corporate detective team, describe your concerns and get a non-binding consultation free of charge. A corporate detective from Detektei Argusdetect® International is available around the clock at 0800 800 85 80.

Overview of our corporate detective services

•Employee monitoring and staff checks
•Fraudulent expense claims, failure to work contractually specified hours, accounting fraud
•Counter-surveillance equipment and spying equipment for industry and commerce
•Securing property (securing vehicles)
•Securities fraud proven by experienced corporate detectives
•Stock control and property protection in cases of theft and embezzlement
•Corporate detective agency investigating all kinds of breaches of competition restrictions
•Brand protection, patent law, counterfeit goods
• Corporate detectives for cases of misappropriated funds and embezzlement
•Theft and misappropriation of stock (stock shortage)
•Experienced corporate detectives discover deferred debts
•Sales representative monitoring, securing embezzled vehicles
•Suspected moonlighting, illegal employment and unauthorised work on the side
•Continued fraudulent sick pay, abuse of sick notes and absenteeism (“pulling a sickie”)
•All kinds of actions pertaining to white-collar crime / white-collar crime


Employee monitoring

Employee monitoring – Detektei Argusdetect® International. We are your experienced and discreet detective firm for monitoring employees throughout Germany and internationally. »


Continued fraudulent sick pay

Ongoing fraudulent sick pay or fraudulent sick leave – for several years, detectives at Argusdetect® International Detektei have been a professional contact for cases involving continued fraudulent sick pay. »

False expense claims and accounting fraud

Detektei Argusdetect® International – false expense claims and accounting fraud is one of the most common types of white-collar crime. Legally compliant investigations uncover the truth – totally legal, absolutely discreet »


Unauthorised work on the side

Detektei Argusdetect® International – accomplished corporate detectives investigate suspicions of unauthorised work on the side and moonlighting. Across Germany and internationally – we are happy to advise you – 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year. »

If you would like to avail yourself of the professional support delivered by a corporate detective agency then do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding consultation. Our experienced, discreet and savvy team of detectives take on all kinds of corporate cases, no matter the issue. Allow yourself to be impressed by our detective agency.